folded house








The aim of the project is to fit different programs of parking, retail and a dwelling providing them all with natural light and cross ventilation. The plot cedes public space in order to give public access to the retail space in its front. The program arrangement follows its logic being the most public at ground floor level and the most private on the higher ones. The dwelling is designed as a folded space due to the possibility to gain a mezzanine floor, double height space and give interior access to the roof to enjoy the mountain views. From the materials of the house, scale has been worked out, the socle is made by an extended slate wall that is also the limit to the plot, light is given through its top windows into the retail space which detaches from the main volume of the house above. The fold of the roofing is reflected through the material continuity from the facade to the roofing and through a wall window which becomes skylight.